Computer Systems Integration Limited (CSI Ltd)

CSI Ltd is an award-winning IBM and SAP Solutions Provider that offers a complete suite of technical solutions from full Managed Services through to training. Established in 1983, CSI quickly developed a reputation for creating and implementing innovative technology using advanced products from their vendor partners and in-house expertise.

CSI Ltd was acquired by Blackhawk Capital in October 2012 and has conducted a buy and build strategy that saw 9 acquisitions successfully completed and integrated in the subsequent 5 years.  CSI was acquired by MML ( in July 2017.

Foster McCallum

Foster McCallum Limited is a specialist in partner recruitment and management, matching vendors and resellers across the globe, working with many of the mainstream vendors.  Blackhawk Capital invested in Foster MacCallum in 2011 and was it was acquired by Zyme in 2017.

Teksys Limited

A Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR) that provided complete solutions including architectural services, provision of hardware & software and professional services.

Blackhawk Capital purchased Teksys as a distressed business in 2007 and successfully returned the business to profit before a successful exit to Dimension Data plc in January 2010.

Roylesoft Limited

Formerly known as Chronicle Solutions Limited, Blackhawk Capital purchased the shares from three Institutional Investors in 2008, and organised the sale of the intellectual assets of the company to a US company in exchange for shares.

This established a clean exit for the Institutional Investors, enabled Blackhawk Capital to secure an equity position whilst pursuing exit options and at the same time resolving all outstanding governance issues.

The US Company was subsequently acquired by McAfee, which enabled Blackhawk Capital to achieve a return on its investment, in 2012.


GlassHouse AG based near Zurich, was one of Switzerland’s key Managed Service and Data Centre service providers.

A subsidiary of Glasshouse Inc, Boston, Glasshouse AG was acquired by Blackhawk Capital, in 2011. After some corporate restructuring and the disposal of some non-core assets, Glasshouse AG established strong growth in the Swiss market.

It was subsequently sold to Infoniqa, a Swiss Systems Integrator in 2013.